Demo Time! Snapshot Friday (early) and Things from the future!

What’s this? A live demo of Crafty? You mean I can play with it and see what it does without installing? Yes, that’s correct – we now have a demo – huge thanks to the fallen ones gaming network for hosting this:   Wait, isn’t it a holiday weekend? are we going to see … Read more Demo Time! Snapshot Friday (early) and Things from the future!

Opps in the Beta2 and This weeks snapshot

I appear to have left the crafty.sqlite in the downloads for both files. that has been fixed. If you still have issues please let us know in the discord. Also note that Beta 2 is this weeks snapshot, so the folder name will stay it’s a snapshot, but it’s actually beta 2. 

2019W46 Snapshot

This snapshot has a ton of features and bug fixes. I have completed the dashboard interface. New features include tasks scheduler, and a historical performance timeline. Multiple suggestions have been implemented such as enter to send commands in the console,  the ability to delete backups, backups now cover the whole server, not just the world … Read more 2019W46 Snapshot