The Dashboard

After logging into the console, you should be presented with the Crafty Dashboard. There is a lot of data here, so let’s start top left and work our way across.

Usage Stats

The first thing you should notice is the 4 boxes at the top *CPU, Mem, Disk, Players*. These are the usage of your host as a whole, not what Crafty is using of the host system. The players count is updated every 10 seconds and will show 0 if your server is not started.

System Details

Below the 4 main Usage stats at the top of the page, you should see a box that takes up about 1/2 the screen. This is the system details area. This shows if the server is running with a *green thumbs up icon*, or down *red thumbs down icon*. The system’s server version, MOTD and other stats are here including what the level name is.

Historical Data

To the right of the system details you should see the historical graph. This shows your system stats over time. Note that by default the data is recorded every 60 minutes and kept for 1 day. You can change this via the config page. Hovering over a point in time will show the CPU, Memory, and Players online for that time period. This is a great place to see how your server is performing over time. We keep this data in the crafty.sqlite file.