Crafty Releases

Current Release Info

Major: 2.1 
Minor: Beta 1 (Considered Final)
Build Date: Dec 23rd 2019
Windows – 2.1 Beta 1 (271 downloads)

2.1 has no known bugs, and is considered final until 3.0 is in RC status.

Major: 3.0
Minor: Alpha 1
Build Date: ???
Windows  – Not yet released (but close)
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Username: crafty
Password: crafty
DHCP enabled | SSH Enabled on 22 | Based on Ubuntu 18.04 Server
Docker Image Coming Soon


Install Documentation

Linux Installer – Linux Installer (371 downloads)



Snapshots are more updated than releases and often have patches and new features the releases don’t. Snapshots are not released during an RC Launch. This is so full attention is on the RC.

Snapshots are located here