Crafty Releases

Current Release Info

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Windows Builds:
These are compiled binaries of Crafty – No need for Python to be installed. Just download and run the bat.

Major: 3.0
Minor: Beta 1 
Build Date: Feb 17th 2019

Windows Version: 3.0 has multiple server support, backups, scheduler, file manager, and all the features of 2.1
No known bugs, and is considered stable for testing.

Major: 2.1 
Minor: Beta 1 (Considered Final)
Build Date: Dec 23rd 2019

Windows Version: 2.1 only supports 1 server per instance.
No known bugs, and is considered final until 3.0 is in RC status.


Linux Builds:
This installer will help you install Crafty on Linux. It is built for Debian based systems, and will configure / install all software needed for you if enabled in the script.

Major: Rolling
Minor: User Specified – Master, Beta, or Snapshots
Build Date: Runtime

The Linux installer allows you to choose which version you wish to run.