Crafty Credits


Crafty is not a one man band anymore. It has turned into a community project with many contributors. Honestly without these people, Crafty would not be the product it is today. This page is to give credit where credit is due for those who have gone above and beyond simple bug reporting. These individuals have actually helped with the development of Crafty in some way, such as actually contributing to the development by adding code, adding to the graphical styles or translating Crafty in to another language.


These guys/gals put in some serious time and help with the development of Crafty on a constant basis. Many bug fixes and even some new Crafty related projects are the direct result of these fine people:


Language Translations:

Psychojalvaro – Spanish
Albert & N005 – French
WannesBekart – Dutch
hitech95 – Italian
shootie – Romanian
Melzrerth – Norwegian