Crafty 3.0 and some plans for the future

Crafty started as a little console application I built for me to manage my little home server because while Htop is pretty, I wanted a little more.  I also planned on using it as a vehicle for me to learn more about Python. After a quick Reddit post, and a large response of people asking for more, and Windows support, Crafty was moved into a Web based platform and has done well there. Now we have Crafty 2.0 RC2 (Basically 2.0 Final), and Crafty 2.1 Beta being tested, I am left with the question of what to do with Crafty. How do we take it further? So here are the top 3 things I plan on bringing to Crafty this coming year.

Multi-Server Support:
One request I hear often is multi-server support and I’m pleased to announce that after much thought and pseudocode, I’ve got it figured out on how I can tackle that beast and make it a reality. Crafty will be able to manage multiple servers under the same system, and keep track of all of them. This is my top priority for Crafty and part of the reason I’m bumping Crafty to 3.0 due to the amount of code that has to change / be re-written to support such a large endeavor.

Restful API:
This is something I’ve wanted for Crafty for awhile, and it seems that now there are other coders who want to hook into Crafty to extend it in ways I either can’t get to now, or invent new things I haven’t thought of. So Crafty will have the ability to host a Restful API that will allow extensions to be built by other programmers / coders who want to utilize the back end and build new cool things.

Hey Google, How many players are on my Crafty server? Crafty will support webhooks. Some via the API, and some via push requests to your IFTTT event to handle triggers. Things like “Email me if the server crashes” will be a thing.

No, Crafty won’t be doing any webmail for you, but I hope to have some email notifications integrated this year. Things like, email me backup logs, or something of that nature. I’ll be asking the Discord community for suggestions on this. Honestly, we might just use IFTTT to handle it all, but I’d like to have the ability if someone wants it.

Automated Server Upgrades Via Schedule:
I already have the foundation for this in 2.1, but Crafty will be able to update your server jar via a URL via the scheduler this year.

Some people already know about these plans, but I will be launching a new web service that hooks into Crafty to help you manage multiple servers across physical hosts. This is aimed more at gaming network operators / owners who run 5+ servers and want to easily manage them all from one location. There will be at least 2 plans, a free account that allows up to 3 servers, and a paid plan for more than 4+ servers. Prices aren’t set yet, but keep an eye out for more news on Crafty Commander.