Mac OS Support and more!

Crafty Documentation
As of today, Crafty Documentation has been moved to the Gitlab Wiki. I was lucky enough to have found a few awesome people to help me with the documentation and it’s really grown. So As of today, all documentation will link to there. 

Mac OS Support
Recently (with the help of Tempus Thales on Discord) we were able to prove that Crafty does work on Mac. We also made a great guide on how to get it running on the Wiki. So try it on your Mac today!

2.1 Alpha
2.1 Alpha is coming along strong, I’ve added a ton of features and squashed at least 10 bugs. An update checker has been added, as well as several command line options for those who love work in a terminal. 

Videos – Crafty Corner
I’ve also started a new video channel to discuss crafty and keep everyone up to date with the development. I’ve also created a few tutorials for install.