Crafty 2019W50 Snapshot Released

So this is the first snapshot of Alpha 2.1. This snapshot has a change list that’s a mile long with over 1500 lines of code added. So many bugs were squashed, they hung out a white flag and surrendered. The installer has been completely overhauled and now you just run crafty and connect to the webpage. All the configuration is done in the web now.

Tons of additions were made to the Console as well. Checkout the change list below.

Also Crafty Corner started with Episode 1 today – Huge day for Crafty!


  • Added real disk/memory usage under percentage (#32 – Thanks DiscoverOV)

  • Added machines hostname to tornado start message – this allows crafty to show correct URL to self.

  • Added several commandline functions to console (#30 – Thanks Aratani)

  • Added remote commands – this will be used for remote restarts of the webserver as well as other functions.

  • Added ability to change web port and reload web server via the console. (Issue #26)

  • Added web server port to crafty settings on the config page

  • switched all the start/stop/restart commands to use the new remote commands mechanism for faster webpage response. this fixes several webserver “hanging” bugs – (#36 – Thanks DiscoverOV)

  • Added ability to turn off auto-scroll on virtual console (#33 – Thanks Pita Bread)

  • Added up arrow to repeat last command in virtual console (#34 – Thanks Pita Bread)

  • Added ability to close crafty via command argument.

  • Added ability to reload web server from config page.

  • Disable / Enable autostart via the console

  • ability to list all users in crafty from console

  • ability to list set any users password from console


  • Stop command only stops the MC server, it doesn’t exit crafty (use exit command for that)

  • overhauled the installer to make it more streamlined and fault tolerant. Database is only written once you say to save the settings. This allows you to break out of the installer without corrupting the database.

  • Installer is now web based.

  • start / stop / restart commands from web page redirect to virtual console instead of dashboard.

  • fixed undocumented bug in getting public ip, now fails gracefully

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed undocumented bug in installer where auto-start delay wasn’t asked.
  • #27 – Installer now verifies the path/jar is correct.
  • fixed undocumented bug where log would say the server crashed when it was stopped gracefully