Crafty RC 1 Released

Crafty Controller RC 1 has been released. This is a huge milestone for me and Crafty.

Three thousand, one hundred and eighty six lines of code have been added to Crafty since it’s first master branch push. It’s been a labor of love.  Crafty started as a “I want something other than Minecrafts server console to look at.” It migrated into “I wish I could see the status of my server without running Htop on my Linux server”.  Later, I decided to make it open source, and put a link on /r/MinecraftServer. Then someone asked about Windows support and I was like, “Nobody runs a server on Windows!?, but I’ll add support for it”. I then added a ton of security, spent hours on documentation, and released patch after patch. With all that said, I am very happy to say, RC 1 is released, with support for both Linux, and Windows 7/8/10. 

Per the notes:

RC builds are considered mostly complete and ready to deploy to your test environment. Major and minor bugs should be squashed or slated for patching soon. RC code is considered stable as well as data structures in the database. RC builds will be tested for at least 2 weeks before being ready to be a release. RC code will be in the master branch of our git repo. RC build numbers will increase every patch or bug squash until no bugs are reported for 2 weeks. RC builds can not go into a Major release until bug free for a minimum of 2 weeks.