Demo Time! Snapshot Friday (early) and Things from the future!

What’s this? A live demo of Crafty? You mean I can play with it and see what it does without installing?
Yes, that’s correct – we now have a demo – huge thanks to the fallen ones gaming network for hosting this:
Wait, isn’t it a holiday weekend? are we going to see a Friday snapshot?
Yes, you are getting your snapshots – early even.
Okay, Phil, I’ve been following Crafty for like just over a MONTH now, when is it ready?!
So – Assuming this snapshot doesn’t generate bugs, this will be moved to an RC (release candidate). Per my releases docs – if we are bug free for 2 weeks, It’s 2.0 final time!
Great, so let’s say you hit 2.0…what’s next for Crafty ?? So, glad you asked. I have some secret sauce brewing – actually 2 things are brewing in the brain of Phil. One is this – – What is that you ask? well, imagine a world, where you have 3-100 crafty servers, and you don’t want to mange them one at a time. Perhaps you want a Crafty Commander?! Manage your whole fleet of servers from a single interface! That’s right, cluster time!
Also, I have a few other little projects that are related to Crafty that might be showing up here soon, plus let’s not forget about the huge feature list of Craft 2.1!!!
I mean just look at it! It’s a long list! So don’t worry plenty of cool new things on the way from Crafty.