Beta 2 Released – 2019-W47 Snapshot

It’s a little earlier than normal, but it’s snapshot Friday!

That means there is another snapshot of Crafty Controller for you to download and mess with.

Also, This snapshot has been deemed “stable enough” for a Beta Release – So Beta 2 is out!

What all has happened since Beta1?

  • Schedules – you can now schedule tasks such as backups, restarting the server, or sending any command to your server.
  • Historical Timeline on the dashboard – You now have a timeline on your dashboard that shows CPU / Memory / Players online over time.
  • The Logs page has been reworked entirely to have tabs and an easy to use search function
  • Pre arguments – Need to put arguments before and after the jar command line? Super easy now in the config page.
  • Speaking of the config page, it’s been reworked as well. now it has tabs to configure many options, not just Minecraft
  • Backups have been completely rebuilt – backup ANY folder in your server path. You set where the backups are stored, you can even say auto delete backups older than x days old.
  • HTTPS Only by default! Y- ou have to access Crafty via HTTPS://localhost:8000 (or any port you choose). It’s a self signed certificate, so you will get a warning, but it’s secure and sha256 encrypted.

You can download the software here –

Windows 7/8/10 and Ubuntu 18.04 / 19.04 / 19.10 supported

Documentation has been reworked as well – you can find it here:

There have been like 8-9 bugs squashed in this release. If you need support join us on the discord channel