Crafty Beta 1

Beta 1 Release

Beta 1 has been released – This has a bug fix for my first bug.

This is a living post until Beta 1 is superseded by Beta 2

You can get Windows Beta 1 here

All you have to do is double click the run_crafty file (run_crafty.bat).

When you first run Crafty it will do an “installer”.
This will ask you a series of questions about your set (where the minecraft server directy is, what jar to run, etc).
The installer will also give you the Admin password after it runs.

After about 30 seconds, go to http://localhost:8000 (assuming you are using port 8000 (default))
The login username is Admin <– note the capital A
the password is whatever crafty told you during install.

Once Crafty is running, and you login, you will be in the admin section. Currently the only sections that work are:

Dashboard – 90% working
(the scheduling stuff is dummy data still – beta 2 hopefully fixed)
Server Control – 100% working
Server Console – 100% working
Logs – 100% working
Virtual Console – 100% working
Backups – 100% working

How do I Exit?
Type stop or exit at the console window

1.) I forgot my admin password?!

  • No sweat
  • type exit to exit crafty
  • go to crafty\app\config and delete the file crafty.sqlite
  • run crafty again to generate a new file/password

2.) I’m getting some weird error?!

  • Post it to reddit /r/Minecraft_Server or hit me up directly via PM
  • Email me – with a subject of “Crafty Beta Help” or something and I’ll do what I can to get you up and running
  • Hit me up on Discord –