Crafty Alpha 2 Released

So currently I am only releasing Crafty Alpha 2 as a binary for Windows.

If you run Linux, do the python route:

For the Windows Peeps:
Install instructions are thus:

1.) Download Crafty here

2.) Unzip it where ever, open the folder

3.) Read the README.txt – This tells you the admin password and how to use Crafty

3.a) Windows 10 – Note that windows 10 smart screen might ask you to run the app or don’t, this is because it came from the internet. You can click more info – run.

3.b.) Windows – You might see it ask if the application is allowed to talk to the internet – this is because it’s a webserver and opens a listening port on the port you told it to use. This is normal.

4.) Double click run_crafty.bat – wait 30 seconds and open a browser – http://localhost:8000 (assuming you are using the default 8000 port).

5.) Profit?!