Crafty Controller

Minecraft Server Control Platform

Secure by Default

Crafty uses many technologies to make it one of the most secure platforms out there

Easy to Use

Once installed, all you do is use a webpage to control your server

Open Source

Open Source means anyone can inspect, and improve the code.

Made by Gamers, for Gamers

Crafty was designed by taking votes from various gamers on what it should do.

What is Crafty Controller?

Crafty is compatible with Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux, and Mac

Crafty is coded in Python 3.7 and uses the following technologies:

  • Tornado webserver used as a backend for the web side.
  • Argon2 used for password hashing.
  • SQLite DB used for settings and other data storage
  • Adminlte used for web templating
  • Font Awesome 4 used for Buttons and other graphical things

Crafty is a Minecraft Server Wrapper / Controller / Launcher. The purpose of Crafty is to launch a Minecraft server in the background and present a web interface for the admin to use to interact with their server.


Linux Installs


Windows Installs


Mac Installs


People in support discord

Crafty 3.1 Overview

Current Features Include

  • Server Dashboard.
  • Virtual Console.
  • Logs
  • Backups
  • Much More

Crafty supports almost any server out there that runs a jar. Spigot, Bukkit, Paper, Cat server, Vanilla. If it’s a jar, chances are that Crafty will run it.


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Crafty Staff

Crafty is a community project with many contributors. Below are a few special individuals who volunteer and dedicate time as Staff Members

Other Supporters

The release teams responsible for version bump approvals and release tagging.

Release Team:

  • Ptarrant
  • Zedifus
  • MacGeek
  • Andrew
  • McGaming

Language Translators:

  • Psychojalvaro – Spanish
  • Albert & N005 – French
  • Wannes Bekaert – Dutch
  • hitech95 – Italian
  • shootie – Romanian
  • Melzrerth – Norwegian


Please choose the installer for your platform.


  • Unzip and run
  • No install needed


  • Requires Brew
  • Rolling Release

Android APK

  • Dedicated APK
  • Easy Install

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