What is Crafty?

What is Crafty?

Crafty is a Minecraft Server Wrapper / Controller / Launcher. The purpose of Crafty is to launch a Minecraft server in the background and present a web interface for the admin to use to interact with their server. Crafty is compatible with Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux, and Mac ( Linux and Mac support done via Python/Pip). 

Crafty is coded in Python 3.7 and uses the following technologies:

  • Tornado webserver used as a backend for the web side.
  • Argon2 used for password hashing. One of the most secure password hashers around.
  • SQLite DB used for settings and other data storage.
  • Adminlte used for web templating.
  • Font Awesome 4 used for Buttons and other graphical things.

How does this all work?

Crafty is launched via the command line, normally via a batch or shell script. Crafty will then automatically start a Tornado web server on the back end, as well as your Minecraft server if auto-start is enabled. You can remotely manage your server via the web interface, either on a PC, or on your phone. Logins are secure and use the most advanced web security models available.

What do I get?

With Crafty, you get a beautiful dashboard as well as several other views that allow you to gain insight into your server, how it’s performing, as well as ease of maintenance.

Current Features Include:

  • Server Dashboard: Cpu, Mem, Disk usage, Players online, and other helpful information
  • Server Actions: Start / Stop / Restart your server remotely
  • Virtual Console: Need to fire off a command quickly? Type your command and it will instantly be sent to the server.
  • LogsDetailed log review, including an errors / warnings section with line numbers, and easy to use search.
  • BackupsBackup your server, as well as download your backups easily via the web.
  • Scheduled TasksThis feature is currently under development. Automatically backup your server, reboot on a schedule, or even send commands on a schedule.
  • Easy ConfigurationEasy to use configuration pages allow you to change crafty’s and Minecrafts settings.

What Minecraft Servers do you support?
Crafty supports almost any server out there that runs a jar. Spigot, Bukkit, Paper, Cat server, Vanilla. If it’s a jar, chances are that Crafty will run it. 

How do I install?

Simple, download the latest release for your platform via the releases page, or maybe a weekly snapshot. You will find install instructions in the docs. For windows, it boils down to unzipping and running the program. For Linux, it’s a little more complicated, but there is a quick and easy tutorial that can have you up and running in 2 minutes, or you can use the Linux installer.


Other Things

Crafty is an open source project, and is Free (both free in cost, and free in speech). 

Need support?
Contact us via Discord: here